Paihia is an ideal location to study tourism and hospitality. It offers a range of world-class industry operators in an environment where tourism and hospitality are ‘normalised’ enabling students to become active participants and network in the industry.

The stunning beauty and well developed infrastructure make Paihia an ideal place to study. With a resident population of around 1,770 and an large annual visitor influx, Paihia is buzzing with tourism. This normalisation of tourism means that students are exposed to a mature and thriving tourism sector that is in many ways ahead of the global curve. The opportunity for students to network and live amongst this environment is an ideal first step in their hospitality career.   

The Northland lifestyle with its energetic, fit and healthy population quickly becomes an inspiring influence on QRC students. Safe streets and a welcoming outlook makes for a learning and living environment that nurtures students as they work through their studies. 

Our Campus is conveniently located in downtown Paihia, a short walk from our Halls of Residence.