Study grants

Study grants and scholarships

If you are a Domestic student interested in studying at QRC Tai Tokerau Resort College, there are study grants, scholarships and funding options available to help reduce the cost of your tuition fees and living expenses.

QRC Study Grants

QRC Study Grants of $9,812 are available. If you are eligible, a Grant will reduce Tuition Fees from $13,312 per year to $3,500. Study Grants are means tested based on your family’s combined house hold income and to qualify you need to apply for and subsequently qualify for a StudyLink Student Allowance.

Here are the steps to find out if you are eligible:

1. Apply to QRC. Send your application to QRC Admissions (admissions@qrc.ac.nz), complete the admissions process. Then receive a Conditional Offer of Place.

2. Apply for StudyLink. StudyLink is the government organisation that allocates Student Loans to cover your tuition and living costs.  Visit the StudyLink website and complete the application process.

3. If your household income is proven by StudyLink to be $80,000 or less you will qualify for the reduced fees. 

4. Send your StudyLink documentation to the QRC Students Accounts Manager at .

The QRC Charitable Trust

QRC Charitable Trust was established to encourage students from all backgrounds to pursue higher education, achieved through the payments of grants established from local iwi, businesses and philanthropists. Grants are available to full time QRC students and help offset accommodation and living expenses. Priority will be given to students with demonstrated financial need and academic merit.

Other scholarships, grants and awards

There are other scholarships, grants and awards available to tertiary students, so you should take a good look to see what you can apply for. There may be more opportunities than you think.

Maori Grants and Scholarships - If you identify as Maori and have Maori ancestry, you may be eligible to apply for specific Iwi grants and scholarships. Please contact your Iwi for more information. Other grants available to Maori students include:

For more information on Study Grants and Scholarships, contact QRC on 0800 441 114 or .